Certified Growers of Eco Apples and Eco Peaches

 Rogers Orchards is part of the pioneering Eco Apple® program, developed in collaboration with a network of orchards, scientists, and other advisers. EcoApple® certification represents one of the highest standards of ecological orchard management, using advanced Integrated Pest Management practices that rely on careful monitoring and minimal risk.

  • We understand our orchard as an ecosystem and do our best to help it thrive.
  • We use practices that promote orchard health, nurture pollinators and foster biodiversity.
  • As our customer, you are also part of our ecosystem and we thank you for your trust.

EcoApple® orchards are certified by the IPM Institute of North America

We are certified for our ecologic growing practices with Red Tomato, a food distribution nonprofit rooted in the principles of fair trade, sustainability & equity. One of their central tenants is to elevate the way in which we think about sustainable food growing practices, thus embracing a whole systems approach that works for the benefit of all parts and people in the food system.

To find out more about our specific growing practices and techniques, check out one of our orchard workshops on grafting, pruning, or insect identification.